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The official site of NOAH, the National
Organization for Albinism and

A non-profit organization whose
innovative programs challenge stigma
associated with difference

German web site about albinism

Albinism in popular culture.

An interesting look into entertainment
through various skin and genetic conditions.

Musician Brooke Fox's interview on FOX NEWS!



All You Can Eat Theatre Company

Bar Stars the Movie - Feature Film, coming soon from Skyline Pictures

Blunt Theatre Company

"Blunt makes theatre fun, fast paced and provocative." I had the pleasure of performing in a brilliantly adapted and staged production of Measure for Measure with this company, and we performed it outdoors!

Derek Brashears - Theatre Designer

The Brothel - Sketch Comedy

Shelly, Maggie and Marisa are the three writer/performers who make up this all female sketch comedy group who perform regularly in New York City. I've seen some of the funniest, most intelligent comedy come out of The Brothel...and they're hot!

Devil's Dance Belt - Sketch Comedy

David Engel - Actor

Aaron Epstein Photography

Brooke Fox - Musician

Frequency 7 - Music

My cousin, Michael "Skinny" Cavallo is an MC/lead vocalist in this highly energetic band. Skinny also has his own solo album.

Lisa Goldstein - Actor

The Hazzard - Music

Heather Haney - Actor

Hooray for Funn! - Comedy Films

James Clifton Huffman - Actor

Rose Howard - Artist

Ithaca College Theatre Arts Department

After a brief stint at Boston University Theatre Institute, the kind, gifted, generous staff of Ithaca College Theatre Arts gave me the theatre arts/acting training that would set me off on my life as an actor.

Interborough Repertory Theater

In The Garage Productions - Digital Film Makers

Kicked In the Head - Band from Beantown

Amanda Ladd - Actor

MadMumbler Designs

Monroe Mann - Actor, Writer, Producer, Teacher

Milk Can Theatre Company

"A company of creators keen on new play development."


The National Organization for Albinism and Hypo Pigmentation offers information and support to people to people with albinism. I was able to share stories and information on eye and skin care with other people with albinism.

Nosedive Productions - Theatre and Film Production Company

Quite possibly the coolest theatre company in the world. They produce theatre, short films, and sketch comedy shows with a huge amount of skill and heart.

Aidan O'Hara - Teacher

Paper and Plastic Films

Positive Exposure

A non-profit organization that challenges the stigma associated with difference and celebrates the richness of genetic variation with positive images and powerful life stories. Rick Guidotti is a brilliant photographer and a good friend of mine puts his heart and soul into spreading awareness about people with albinism and hypo pigmentation all over the world. - Online Artists collaborative

Brandon Ramos, Villain Publications - Plays and Screenplays

Neil Reynolds - Photographer

Tom Swift - Wine Expert

Matt Tarle - Filmmaker

A writer/director with a truly original, fearless, uncompromising talent for making films.

Theatre Studio Inc.

Provides theatre space for development of both classic works and new plays by contemporary writers. They gave my one act play, The Break Up, a generous run in 2005. The company is run by its founder, A. M. Raychel.

13P - Theatre Company

The Unstoppable Artists Business School

VSA Arts

"Creating a society where people with disabilities can learn through, participate in, enjoy the arts."

Tom Warnick - Musician

Whitten Printers

A high quality printing service on the West Coast.

Wickid Pissa Films

A very prolific, up-and-coming film company out of Boston. Josh Mitchell and Patrick Ryan are the two guys who created this company.

Erin Wilk - Actor

Richard Zekaria - Actor



Dennis Hurley

Down Cellar

Brian Crete

Loading Dock Productions

R.W. Francis & Co.

Commercial Real Estate



Annapolis Film Festival

Sayed Badreya

Egyptian-born filmmaker/actor and all-around great guy

Boston International Film Festival

Carlton, Healy & Frederick LLP

Accounting saviors

Albert Chan - Actor

Craigslist - Online Community

New England's most important filmmaking resource

Amy Wade - Actress

Young/Hunter manages some of the best singer-songwriters in the country, such as Chris Smither, Peter Mulvey, and Jeffrey Foucault.

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