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The Albino Code in the Media June 6, 2006

People Magazine: May 29, 2006

People Magazine

The Toronto Star: May 29, 2006

The Toronto Star

The Philadelphia Inquirer: May 25, 2006

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Insider: May 23, 2006

Tonight's Insider was supposed to contain a segment relating to The
Albino Code
. As it turns out, you could see Dennis Hurley's face at one point,
but that's about it.

The Insider

The Post-Gazette: May 23, 2006

The Post-Gazette

Good Morning America: Date Unknown

We never received confirmation of a story from Good Morning America,
but we've heard from two different sources that a story did, in fact, air
at some point in the past two weeks.

Charles Gibson     Diane Sawyer

Entertainment Tonight: May 22, 2006

Entertainment Tonight aired at 1:00 AM EDT.

Milliyet Newspaper (Turkey): May 22, 2006

The Boston Globe Online: May 19, 2006

Review by Globe critic Ty Burr

The Boston Globe

MSNBC: May 19, 2006

Dennis's interview aired at 2:30 PM EDT.


The Boston Metro: May 19, 2006

 Boston Metro

The Electric New Paper, Singapore: May 19, 2006

 The Electric Newspaper, Singapore

The Joke Project: May 19, 2006

A set of Da Vinci Code jokes, including a "knock-knock" joke told by Dennis Hurley

Inside Edition: May 18, 2006

The Hollywood Reporter: May 18, 2006

The Kensington Review: May 17, 2006

Review by Jeff Myhre, Editor

CNN: May 12, 2006

Dennis appeared on The Situation Room between 7:30
and 8:00 PM EDT on May 12. The story is available online here.


WFXT Fox 25 News: May 12, 2006

Dennis appeared on Fox's Evening News at 5:25 PM EDT.

WFXT Fox 25 Boston

Boston Herald Article: May 10, 2006

The Boston Herald

New York Post Article: May 7, 2006

New York Post

Planet TV Episode 156: April 19, 2006

The Albino Code
teaser trailer appears at approximately 19:50
(near the end) between "The Wobbler" and a Tom Cruise update.

Radio-TV Interview Report Online Article: April 18, 2006

Scroll down to section "01."


Da Vinci Code Article

Wikipedia "Da Vinci Code" Article

Scroll down to the "Parodies > Other" section.

Wikipedia "Evil Albino" Article

Scroll down to the "External Links" section.

Slash Film

"Fan Films" Article

The Albino Code
is between David Spade and Napoleon Dynamite.

Radio Interviews
(more coming soon)

106.9 The Fox (Virginia): May 19, 2006

The Fox on Demand

CJAD 800 (Montreal): May 8, 2006


Recent Statements From The Albino Code Filmmakers

May 14, 2006:

During my recent appearance on CNN, I made a faux pas. I said that it's just a myth that people with albinism have red eyes. What I meant to say is that there is a common misconception that all people with albinism have red eyes. There are in fact some people with albinism who have more pinkish or reddish eyes. I apologize for my error.

-- Dennis Hurley


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