Boston Film & Video Directors

Film DirectingSuccessful film directing and video directing means more than just having a vision. It means knowing how to run a set; how to accept input from cast and crew; when to make concessions, and when to stand your ground. It means understanding the difference between the idealistic and the realistic.

This is not to stay that good film directors and video directors should know how to settle—not in the slightest. On the contrary, good directors know how to factor in the realities of a film set in order to get the most out of a production that's likely shooting with too little time and money.

7 Fluid Oz. Productions' two most successful directing achievements are The Albino Code, directed by Aaron Howland, and On the Way, directed by both Aaron Howland and Seth Howland. The Albino Code is a 12-minute film that had to complete principal photography in only two days, and On the Way is a live-concert DVD/documentary that had to be shot almost completely with available light.

Despite these "indie" challenges, the projects were a success, with The Albino Code being featured on CNN, MSNBC, Entertainment Tonight, and Inside Edition, and On the Way being released on DVD.

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