National Association of Social Workers Publishes Article About The Commitment

Social Workers SpeakOn February 4, 2013, the National Association of Social Workers published an article about 7 Fluid Oz. Productions’ newest short film, The Commitment.

The Commitment tells the story of Robert (Albert M. Chan) and Ethan (Jason Lane Fenton), an interracial gay couple receiving support from a social worker (Mary Niederkorn) as they attempt to adopt a baby.

For the article, the NASW’s senior public relations associate, Greg Wright, interviewed The Commitment‘s writer/director/lead actor, Albert M. Chan. In his interview, Chan explains the process that he and his real-life husband went through as they adopted a baby of their own. While The Commitment is a fictional movie, it is based heavily on Chan’s experiences.

To read Greg Wright’s article, please click here.

To learn more about the National Association of Social Workers, please visit their official website.

To learn more about The Commitment, please visit the short film’s official website or Facebook page.

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