The Commitment Covered in SAMPAN Newspaper

SAMPANSAMPAN, the Boston-based, Chinese-English newspaper, has released an article about 7 Fluid Oz. Productions’ award-winning short film, The Commitment. The article features a rundown of the film’s accolades, information about its award nomination from the National Association of Social Workers, and an interview with writer/director Albert M. Chan.


SAMPAN, published by the Asian American Civic Association, is the sole Chinese-English newspaper circulating in New England. It’s distributed for free throughout the Boston area, but is delivered nationally, as far away as Hawai’i. SAMPAN‘s mission is to provide coverage of Asian-American arts and culture throughout the Boston area.

To learn more about SAMPAN, please visit the newspaper’s official website.

To learn more about the Asian American Civic Association, please visit the organization’s official website.

To read SAMPANM‘s article about The Commitment, please click here.

To learn more about The Commitment, please visit the short film’s official website or Facebook page.

1. “About.” SAMPAN, n.d., (accessed March 5, 2013).

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