Portfolio of Film & Video Productions

Descendants of the Past,
Ancestors of the Future1

Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future

A short film about an expectant father, the son of Chinese immigrants.

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The Commitment2

The Commitment

A short film about an interracial gay couple's attempt to adopt a baby.

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The Schwartz Center:
Stories of Inspiration

Stories of Inspiration

Interviews that highlight relationships between patients and caregivers.

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Fate Scores3

Fate Scores

A silent short film that focuses on the interactions of strangers on a bench.

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The Albino Code4

The Albino Code

A short parody of The Da Vinci Code that focuses on albinism.

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A feature-length drama about a gritty detective and a young security guard.

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Peter Mulvey:
On the Way

On the Way

A documentary/live-concert DVD of musician Peter Mulvey.

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Jack Milton:
Fairy Tale Detective6

Jack Milton

A short comedy about a film noir detective in the land of fairytales.

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Peter Mulvey:
Ten Thousand Mornings

Ten Thousand Mornings

A bonus video on Peter Mulvey's 2002 CD Ten Thousand Mornings.

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Film & Video Reviews

1. Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future

"Subtle and poetic—it passes by very quietly, softly, like a mild wind." — Theo Alexander, Unsung Films

"A sweet and revealing insight into the complexities of family ties." — Philip Smolen, Rogue Cinema

2. The Commitment

"A 20-minute film with a feature-length film worth of emotional resonance, joy and heartbreak." — Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"While any description of this movie will sound trite and simple, there's nothing simple about this film. Filled with a depth of emotion, The Commitment is really a tale of love and what you'll go through for it." — Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema

"A fine dramatic film with some soft, almost deadpan comedic moments." — Mark Bell, Film Threat

4. The Albino Code

"Smarter than anything Ron Howard and Tom Hanks can come up with." — Ty Burr, The Boston Globe

Film Festival Screenings & Awards

1. Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future

2014 Boston Asian American Film Festival

2014 Asians on Film Festival (Spring)

Honorable Mention: Best Actress (Tina Chen)

Honorable Mention: Best Actor (Albert M. Chan)

Honorable Mention: Best Original Score (Ryan Leach)

2. The Commitment

2013 Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

2013 DC Shorts® Film Festival

2013 CNKY Film Festival

2013 Long Beach QFilm Festival

2013 Woods Hole Film Festival

2013 Philadelphia QFest

2013 Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival

2013 Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

2013 QFest St. Louis

2013 Kansas City LGBT Film Festival

2013 KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

2013 Little Rock Film Festival

2013 On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Fest

2013 SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival

Winner: Jury Award for Best LGBT Film

Winner: Audience Award for Best LGBT Film

2013 DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon

2013 Torino GLBT Film Festival

2013 Boston International Film Festival

2013 Kansas City FilmFest

2013 Canada International Film Festival

Winner: Award of Excellence
(Canadian Film Competition)

2013 National Association of Social Workers Media Awards

Winner: Best Feature Film

2013 PRIDE Film Festival

2013 Desperado LGBT Film Festival

Winner: Best Short

2013 Out in the Desert Film Festival

Nominee: Best LGBT Film

2012 Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Winner: Best Short Series
(shared with Groom's Cake and Little Ones)

2012 Boston Asian American Film Festival

2012 Asians on Film Festival (Summer)

Winner: Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film
(Kerri Patterson)

2012 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

2012 Columbus International Film + Video Festival

3. Fate Scores

2010 Canada International Film Festival

Winner: Rising Star Award for Excellence in Filmmaking

2009 Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Winner: National Film Board of Canada's 3rd Prize for Best Canadian Short

2010 Sedona International Film Festival

2010 Connecticut Film Festival

2009 Boston International Film Festival

2009 Asian-American International Film Festival (New York)

2009 Wisconsin Film Festival

2009 Memphis International Film Festival

2009 Southeast New England Film, Music & Arts Festival

4. The Albino Code

2006 Pacific Palisades Film Festival

Special Screening

2006 Haydenfilms Online Film Festival


2006 Boston Film Night

Films at the Sedgwick (August, 2006)

5. Interrogation

2006 Boston International Film Festival

6. Jack Milton: Fairy Tale Detective

2003 Boston International Film Festival

Winner: Best Storyline

Winner: Best Achievement in Creativity

2003 Annapolis Film Festival

2003 San Francisco World film Festival

2003 S.N.O.B. Film Festival

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