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Above the Line
"Above-the-Line" expenses are parts of the budget designated for major production costs, usually determined early in the pre-production process. These expenses include payment to the writer(s), producer(s), director(s), and cast. The writers, producers, directors, and principal actors, themselves, are often referred to as "Above the Line."
ADR stands for "Automated Dialogue Replacement," although some in the film industry use the words "Additional Dialogue Recording." ADR, sometimes called "dubbing" or "dialogue looping," is the process of re-recording synced lines from a film because of problems with the original recording. During the process, an actor will typically watch the original take and recreate the original performance so the new audio will match the onscreen movement of the character's lips.
Assistant Camera (AC)
An Assistant Camera is a member of the film crew who assists the director of photography and/or camera operators. Larger sets typically have multiple Assistant Cameras who work in a hierarchy (1st Assistant Camera, 2nd Assistant Camera, etc.)
Assistant Director (AD)
An Assistant Director is a person responsible for overseeing many practical aspects of the production, which include preparing the production schedule, creating call sheets, monitoring the implementation of union rules on set, and tracking the progress of the production. Larger sets typically have multiple Assistant Directors who work in a hierarchy (1st Assistant Director, 2nd Assistant Director, etc.)

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