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Depth of Field
Depth of field is the space that appears in focus when viewed through a camera lens. Iif a shot has a shallow depth of field, for instance, a character has very little room to move toward or away from the camera before falling out of focus.
Director of Photography (DP)
The Director of Photography (DP) is the head of the camera department. The DP works closely with the film's director to develop the lighting styles, and plan the camera movements, that will help establish the film's visual aesthetic. On set, the DP works closely with the Gaffer and Key Grip.
A dissolve is an editing technique through which one shot fades into the next.
Dolly Shot
A dolly shot is a camera take from a movable platform that often rides on metal track. There are many types of dollies, some pushed manually and some moved electronically.
Dubbing (also called "looping") is the act of replacing dialogue, sometimes in order to translate the dialogue into another language, and sometimes as part of the ADR process.

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