Boston-based Video Editing

Video EditingAccomplished video editors must understand more than basic concepts of film theory, such as the appropriate timing of both establishing and insert shots. They must also understand the subtler touches of video editing that make a motion picture flow. For instance, the ping-pong editing of novice video editors forces us to watch each actor deliver a line, and robs us of the opportunity to watch other actors react. With experienced video editing, an audience rarely notices that an edit has taken place

In this day and age, video editors must also understand the newest breakthroughs in technology. They must be practiced in the technique of color correction, titling, and at least basic digital effects. 7 Fluid Oz. owns a state-of-the-art editing system with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium software installed. In addition, 7 Fluid Oz. has edited every production on which it's worked. To get a comprehensive look at 7 Fluid Oz. Productions' editing experience, please visit our Portfolio.

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